Is CBD Right For You?

A Natural Alternative

A lot of these medications have undesirable side effects, and some may even lead to dependence. So, it is no surprise that today’s well-informed seniors are looking for natural alternatives...

Rockstar Caregivers

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

Emilie Amador, President and Owner of AE HomeCare, expresses thanks to her staff for the compassionate care of their vulnerable clients during the extremely challenging time...

The Over Medication Issue

Ask the Right Questions

There seems to be a strong belief that there is a pill for every purpose - look at our television commercials.  Pharmaceutical companies spend billions on marketing, and a large percentage of...

The Issue of Polypharmacy

Communication is Key

The definition of polypharmacy in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is the practice of administering many different medicines especially concurrently for the treatment of a single disease; the...

CapTel Captioned Phones

Hearing and Seeing

CapTel phones and CTS (Captioned Telephone Service) allows those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or 'late-deafened' to not only listen to the caller's voice, but read everything...

Caregivers: Some Thoughts

Looking at Caregiver Issues

I have done several shows with guests discussing the important topic of caregiving.  As we are gracefully greying, we may all need care in some capacity, at some point. This may be for a...

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Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

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Coronavirus Resources

WATCH: Disability and Life... WATCH: Disability and Life...

WATCH: Disability and Life...

In this interview, sister and brother team, Lisa and Gary Scholnick, discuss the ins and outs of disability and life insurance. Lisa Scholnick, RHU, LIC, is the owner of LisaCo, Lifetime Income Sales Associate, and...
WATCH: The Covid Mental Health... WATCH: The Covid Mental Health...

WATCH: The Covid Mental Health...

Jeffrey Guina, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Easterseals, and Psychiatry Residency Director at Beaumont Health discusses the Covid mental health crisis.
Helpful Information About... Helpful Information About...

Helpful Information About...

Caring for a loved one once they can no longer fulfill all their needs alone is one of the most difficult jobs for any child or grandchild. Not only do you have to create a space in your life for your new role as a...

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