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Accredited Home Healthcare Directory exists to connect those who need quality home healthcare with accredited vendors who provide it and provides education on the value of accreditation and support via resources, articles, links.
Our mission is to connect those searching for homecare and home healthcare with accredited home health care providers near them.
Only accredited providers are listed in our directory. These providers receive a seal of approval from third-party accreditors that goes above & beyond typical quality checks.
When it comes to choosing home healthcare services for your loved one, peace of mind is paramount.
Accreditation matters because your loved one matters. Accreditation affects quality of care, reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid, and ensures continual quality checks over time.
Accreditation is a way to earn the public’s trust by establishing a mark of excellence, setting a homecare or home healthcare organization apart from all others, making it easy for consumers to recognize quality when choosing a provider.
The Standards of Accreditation provide a framework that has proven over time to enable home healthcare organizations to become recognized as high quality, reliable, safe, accountable, professional careproviders.
Allowing a stranger to take care of a loved one is hard. How do you know they are trustworthy? Accreditation is the answer. This scrutiny requires a rigorous level of service, adherence to the latest guidelines and high standards.
Agencies who have passed this scrutiny at great expense of both time and money work harder to hire and retain only the most qualified caregivers.