Echobox Memory Vault
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Echobox Memory Vault


Echobox Memory Vault has truly gone global, empowering people in 176 countries to capture and protect their life stories and treasured memories! This fun and engaging innovation is for everyone, but has clearly made the biggest impact in the health care sector. Around the world, gerontologists and recreational therapists, dementia caregivers and mental health workers, hospice workers and companion care organizations, psychologists, end of life specialists, bereavement therapists and grief counsellors are all recognizing the Echobox app as a revolutionary tool – and extremely meaningful to those in their care!

Echobox is FREE to download (In-App purchases are optional), has no advertising and contains no news feed, opinions, comments or ‘likes’. It is a personal, private sanctuary to fill up as you wish. Contacts made within Echobox are strictly by invitation only and invitations are not automatically reciprocated – this gives members full control over who has access to their material.

Version 2.0 of Echobox is currently in development, in preparation to launch on both Android and iOS. Focusing on caring for those with neurological disorders, simplified functions and other tweaks and changes will be part their new, stream-lined application. Echobox Memory Vault will soon be unveiling the new model to over 175 countries around the world. Stay tuned!

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