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Senior Musings: As Summer Rolls Along
Laurie Blume

Senior Musings: As Summer Rolls Along

Enjoy our July 2020 Newsletter

As we are in the heat of the summer, literally, our hope is that you are mentally keeping your cool, staying cool, and are able to enjoy these long days of sunshine and relaxation. Our team at Gracefully Greying continues to work hard – adding diverse content to our platform and expanding our brand.

Heading into August, we recognize that the anxiety of the Coronavirus pandemic and question of schools re-opening are taking a toll on our mental and physical health. These stresses remain a hotbed issue for families, no matter what age. Therefore, Gracefully Greying is proud to share insight and advice from the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine experts, in coping with school uncertainty.

Building on our partnership with genusConnect, a new comprehensive state-of-the-art healthcare app which allows for collaboration between families, caregivers, and medical professionals, we are incorporating content on their community platform. Take a look at the Gracefully Greying article which will lead you to the app.

In this month's GG Book Nook, Debbie Gornbein reviews His & Hers, written by Alice Feeney.

And on the cooking front, Annabel Cohen, beloved Detroit Metro area chef and caterer, suggests some very tasty summer barbecue recipes.

As always, we hope you can spread the word and share Senior Musings with your colleagues, friends, and family. Share your story, your expertise, and your experiences, and share us on social media as well.

Laurie Blume & Henry Gornbein, Gracefully Greying Co-Founders

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