The Brain-Boosting Health Benefits of Exercise

The Brain-Boosting Health Benefits of Exercise

With Ryan Glatt


Exercise has a powerful impact on the health of your brain. While aerobic and resistance training are important for brain health, there is a third category that is less talked about, but extremely valuable. Neuro-motor activity is movement that incorporates both cognitive and physical stimulation. Tune in to learn what neuro-motor activities are and how to incorporate them into your everyday life. We'll also be covering the brain boosting health benefits of exercise in general.

Ryan Glatt has a Master of Science in Applied Neuroscience and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. He is a personal trainer and brain-health coach with over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry. He currently works alongside clinicians and researchers to study the effects of cognitively-enhanced and comprehensive exercise plans at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

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Visit Brainshape.ca to learn about more relevant topics. Dr. Andrea Wilkinson has a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Aging. She has been studying brain fitness and cognitive maintenance for over 15 years. She co-founded BrainShape™ in 2014 - an online community for adults who want to enhance their mental & physical vibrancy as they age. Dr. Andrea is the host of the BrainShape Podcast™, a weekly show that covers the latest brain health research and shares interviews with experts in the field of health & aging.

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