Balance and Stability Class

Balance and Stability Class

With Adita Lang, Healthy Essentials and Wellness

Adita Lang has designed programs and classes for YOU, the HEALTH ENTHUSIAST. Take charge of your health and that of your families, and learn the insider secrets to the family kitchen, weight loss, and overall wellbeing.

One of Adita's most popular classes is Balance and Stability, the art of training some of the smaller muscle of the body to feel stable with every step taken, even when it comes to sitting and standing, or activities of daily living. The class takes place with the use of a chair and will progress to utilizing small resistance tools such as cans, bottles, light weights, or a book. All of the classes can be performed without the additional resistance tools, as well.

As we age, the ability to feel stable diminishes. This transpires with time, leaving a person feeling limited with their movement potential. Balance and Stability Training is dedicates to anyone who feels unstable on their feet, walks unassisted, or with a cane, or walker.

This video membership is designed for individuals or groups. It is designed to provide an array of classes that can be taken once or twice a day, and gradually increases the intensity without overburdening any muscles.

All of the classes are systematically created in a fun and easy to follow teaching style. With gradual progression, posture becomes enhanced, muscles get stronger, and the body feels more in-control of every movement taken. Consider this a requirement for fall prevention.

Form and technique dictates the results of our efforts when it comes to exercise. This video teaches you the details that will make you successful with every movement you make. Watch Adita's Form and Technique video: 

Adita Yrizarry-Lang brings over 30 years of experience as a multi-nationally recognized health educator, lifestyle coach specializing in fitness program development, restorative and corrective fitness, adult and child nutrition, and mind body disciplines.


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