What to Give this Season?  Virtual Health!

What to Give this Season? Virtual Health!

Give the Gift of Fitness

Everyone is trying to navigate day-to-day life with the threat of COVID-19. With the holiday season fast approaching, gifts and celebrations are no exception. What to give loved ones and family members may be particularly challenging this year, especially if you are keeping 6 feet of distance.

Giving the gift of fitness is a simple way to show the older adults in your life that you care about them and their well-being at this time. Not only does exercise reduce the risk of many diseases, but we also know it can protect people from serious complications if they do contract the novel coronavirus. In addition to supporting essential components of healthy aging such as balance, mobility, and endurance, exercise can keep the brain sharp.

Benefits of gifting home fitness programs include:

● Environmentally-friendly: no need to send packages in the mail. Plus, many people are working to clean out their clutter after being stuck at home with it for many months.

● Health-positive: influence healthy behaviors and demonstrate that you care for the well-being of your loved ones

● Socially distant: no need to give these gifts in person this year when you can give them safer electronically! Even better, the recipient doesn’t have to go anywhere to use it!

Here are some of the best options we’ve found for online, at-home fitness programs for adults over 50.

The Zoom Crew

ZoomCrew was founded on two very simple principles: community and fitness. We cannot think of a better way to support our community than to give the gift of fitness to those that can’t afford it. Every membership purchased will result in a membership donated to a woman in need. Learn more about our partnership with Empowerment Plan. Cost: $50 per month, and your membership includes access to unlimited classes and video library. Try your first class for free! Simply pick a class and we'll email you the class link.


Cardiomelon combines brain and body fitness in a way that exercises your mind and muscles at the same time. Inspired by research that shows that combining physical and cognitive exercises can maximize brain strengthening and even slow signs of aging, Cardimelon gets your brain firing while you strengthen and sweat! Seemingly simple math and language tasks get much harder when you’re trying to do them while lunging or squatting! They introduce new videos every week (including both seated and standing workouts) that focus on simple activities with minimal equipment paired with brain challenges prompted right on the screen. Starts at $10 a month with a free 10 day trial. What we love: it promotes both brain AND body health with one tool.

Alo Moves from Alo Yoga

Alo Moves integrates yoga, fitness, and meditation and offers thousands of videos. The classes can be categorized by difficulty, so if you’re new to yoga, don’t worry! There are classes at Alo Moves for everyone. There are even videos for improving specific skills like mobility and flexibility. Alo Moves is $20 a month and offers a 14-day free trial. What we love: it can be accessed through their website or their mobile app.

Be Healthy Enough

Be Healthy Enough is a fitness program utilizing the types of exercises 50+-year-olds need. There are nearly 100 videos training strength, cardio, and flexibility, and more are added each month. All levels are welcome, and modifications are clearly explained. With a monthly subscription, you can join at $14.99 per month. What we love: custom workout calendars with an activity for every day.

Flipping Fifty

Flipping Fifty with Debra Atkinson offers coaching programs with weekly workout schedules and calls designed to educate women on how to exercise best for their age and body. Plans are personalized to your daily habits, nutrition, and the way you like to exercise. Flipping Fifty also has a blog, podcast, and exercise videos and books. This resource is a little expensive, looking at $2,000 for 90-day private coaching. What we love: the blog is free and full of great information, which can serve as a great compliment to any fitness program.

Grow Young Fitness

Grow Young Fitness has low impact, full-body workouts that promote balance, weight loss, and core strength. They also offer chair yoga and videos for knee therapy. You need minimal equipment to do these exercises, and all levels are welcome. The starter program with 25 videos has a one-time payment of $24.97. If you’re looking for more videos, you can try a more advanced plan with over 250 videos at $30 per month. What we love: chair-based workouts keep the program accessible for all many levels of fitness.

- By Brooke Offenhauser

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