Organize Your Photos and Videos

Organize Your Photos and Videos

With 'Preserving Memories' Expert Gaylotta Murray

Digital photo expert Gaylotta Murray, owner of Your Best Life Media, discusses visual storytelling in various mediums and the importance of organizing your photos and videos. Gaylotta offers several memory-keeping solutions and tips to preserve family history, document milestone events, and walks you through the step-by-step process.

Check out Gaylotta's Classes, available on our Gracefully Greying Facebook page:

Walk Down Memory Lane

This class will teach how to incorporate a special event into a forever book. Learn how to pick your background theme, add photos and text to create a unique present for your family and friends.

Counting the Days

This class will walk you through creating a personalized calendar with pictures of your family and friends. Learn how to pick your theme, add pictures to specific months, incorporate multiple pictures and text for each month.

Creating Personalized Gifts

Learn how to personalize mugs, magnets, coasters and more during this class. Includes picking the best theme, backgrounds, photos, and text to make your gift stand out this holiday season. Don’t forget to make a personalized product for yourself!

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